The Huber thermostatic valve,
your personal water manager


Why choose a Huber thermostatic mixer







Huber Thermostatic Valve

Your personal water manager that helps you handle and control water and energy, without wastage.


Certified by the most important international laboratories.
Since 1987 Huber develops and manufactures in Italy its entire thermostatic technology, according to the strictest regulations.
Huber thermostatic mixers are distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide, and utilized by more than 1 million users every year.
With an operational area of more than 35,000 square meters, divided into 2 manufacturing plants and 3 logistic hubs, Huber is one of the leading companies for the production of thermostatic valves in Italy.


Constant water temperature, even when other taps are used and pressure decreases. No more undesirable temperature fluctuations, from cold to hot and vice versa.
Practical operation: the desired temperature is set by simply rotating the knob, and then the water flow can be adjusted.
Temperature memory: by keeping the same knob setting, the exact temperature of the previous shower will be maintained.

The system's safety stop prevents scalding in case the cold water supply is interrupted.

Numerous possibilities for use with various types of exposed or concealed mixers, for shower or for bath.
Simple installation: Huber thermostatic mixers can be installed exactly like any other tap.
User-friendliness: perfect operation even in unfavourable conditions, such as low pressure, unstable temperature or hard water.

Water saving: for every million Huber mixers in use, the same amount of water is saved that could fill 11,000 olympic-sized swimming pools.
Energy saving: by managing and controlling hot and cold water, the Huber thermostatic technology allows to save the energy needed to turn on and off the water heater.
Huber designs and develops its thermostatic cartridges in Italy.

Extremely low maintenance is necessary.
Manufactured with anti-scale material.
Can be operated with any type of water heater.


Functionality and beauty

Developed according to user-friendliness and practicality requirements. The Huber thermostatic valves combine aesthetic and functional features, for effective performance and long-lasting reliability.

Energy Saving

Huber's thermostatic technology optimizes the handling and control of hot and cold water, with no wasted energy in the heating process. The immediate selection of the desired temperature curtails energy wastage from the first instant and throughout the entire showering time.

Water Saving

Huber's thermostatic technology will be your personal water manager, optimally handling and controlling hot and cold water. The immediate selection of the desired temperature curtails energy wastage from the first instant and throughout the entire showering time. Perfect for a sustanable household, and for a lifestyle that is mindful of how the planet's resources are used.

Control and Safety

At Huber, our main goal is to democratize the use of thermostatic taps, so that any person can install a thermostat in their bathroom. In addition to being designed for easy installation, they are designed so that they can work even in unfavorable conditions of use such as low pressure, irregular temperatures or hard water. In each of these situations, Huber thermostatic technology adapts to ensure optimal operation.