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The origins of the Chronos thermostatic valve

The company proceeds in its tradition of high-quality thermostatic valves, and presents a ground-breaking line called Chronos.

Advanced mechanism with the precision of a Swiss watch. Glamour, safety and comfort.

Patented system that provides higher comfort and precisione in temperature adjustment.


Functionality and beauty

Developed according to user-friendliness and practicality requirements. The Huber Chronos thermostatic valve combines aesthetic and functional features, for effective performance and long-lasting reliability.

Chronos is...

Safety block at 38° on the adjusting knob

Limited maximum temperature

Anti-scalding safety system with hot water stop

Energy saving for hot water

Water saving and elimination of wastage


When extraordinary precision engineering is combined to sophisticated details for unique and unparalled performance, an industrial masterpiece is born.


Smooth Control

For showering to become an experience of complete relaxation, Huber has designed and patented the innovative "Smooth Control" system, whose complex watch-like gearwork allows the user to adjust the desired temperature to within half a degree, with a slight, smooth movement.


Side Control

A lock button at 38°C is fitted as standard on all Huber thermostats above the temperature adjustment handle, while on the Chronos series we have introduced for the first time the innovative "Side Control" system, which avoids accidentally exceeding the temperature of 38°C having inserted the release button on the side of the handle.


Nice Feeling

The temperature of the body of the Chronos mixer will always be optimal, both in the case of the passage of hot and cold water, as the two waters are totally isolated from the surface of the mixer.


Devia Stop

The Devia Stop technology mounted on Chronos allows you to manage the water flow rate and choose the delivery mode (shower head, hand shower) with a simple rotary movement.


Argo C3

Designed in 2001, the first Huber thermostatic cartridge manufactured in high-tech plastic material, with an innovative design and reduced dimensions, and Complies with the NF C3 Thermostatics classification.


High tecnology

Thanks to the revolutionary planetary gear system, Chronos offers doubled temperature regulation accuracy.


Sometimes, when creativeness combines with engineering, the results surpass any expectation.

Energy Saving

Huber's thermostatic technology optimizes the handling and control of hot and cold water, with no wasted energy in the heating process. The immediate selection of the desired temperature curtails energy wastage from the first instant and throughout the entire showering time.

Water Saving

Huber's thermostatic technology will be your personal water manager, optimally handling and controlling hot and cold water. The immediate selection of the desired temperature curtails energy wastage from the first instant and throughout the entire showering time. Perfect for a sustanable household, and for a lifestyle that is mindful of how the planet's resources are used.

Control and Safety

At Huber, our main goal is to democratize the use of thermostatic taps, so that any person can install a thermostat in their bathroom. In addition to being designed for easy installation, they are designed so that they can work even in unfavorable conditions of use such as low pressure, irregular temperatures or hard water. In each of these situations, Huber thermostatic technology adapts to ensure optimal operation.