Creative interaction laboratory for research and innovation that respect the expectations of the people and the needs of the planet.

With the aim of developing the objectives that are the very core of the company's spirit, HuberLab was born: a laboratory of creative interaction in which a team of engineers and designers combines the experience on technologies and functionality with creativity and stylistic research, for an innovative approach to industrial design.


Listening, discussing and innovating

Every generation of new products and technologies is the consequence of an inclusive and complex process of research and development, which begins by listening carefully to the requirements from the market, followed by creative discussion between the players. After carefully evaluating the needs and the requirements, the phase of interactive designing can start, when the brilliant in-house team joins forces with top-shelf, highly specialized engineers and designers. This is how Huber has been able to perfect its R + D + I process, by creating HuberLab.


The search for new solutions to optimize water consumption

Development of new ideas to improve performance and functionality

Dedication, creativity and stylistic research

Commitment to sustainability to reduce water and energy consumption

In-house laboratories, based near Lake Orta, Italy


Proposing new scenarios, with the aim of exciting through contemporary objects with a strong identity and excellent technology, careful to ensure safe and easy access to the water resource for everyone, while respecting the planet.