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Bath Huber

Huber bath mixers offer a wide range of highly personal styles, from the more sophisticated through traditional to more practical, with numerous models that can meet your requirements in terms of aesthetics and installation: from glamorous, free-standing bathtub models to concealed, in-wall valves, to exposed mixers with very simple installation. Available in various finishes and with several complements, such as hand showers and their wall cradles, the Bath mixers range easily meets your every requirement. Our thermostatic mixer are based on the Huber thermostatic technology to guarantee total comfort and safety while showering in complete relaxation, with the added benefit of water and energy saving. It allows to set the ideal water temperature for your bath or shower, so that no water or energy is wasted. You just need to set the desired temperature, and enjoy your bath at the perfect degree of warmth. If you wish to readjust it, a simple touch on the mixing knob will bring the water to the new desired temperature. The thermostatic technology in our bathtub mixers will keep the water temperature constant during your bath, so as to avoid any temperature fluctuation. Select one of our thermostatic bath mixers, and fully enjoy your moment of comfort and relaxation in the bath, in complete safety. Single-lever shower mixers offer more essential operation, but guarantee the same quality and intuitive user-friendliness. The modern scale-free NEOPERL aerators prevent the buildup of limestone, for greater hygiene and operational life. A simple diverter allows to direct the flow from the bath spout to the hand-held shower on the flexible hose, adapting the whole system to your preferences at any moment, easily and quickly. Our bath mixers taps are certified by the most important international laboratories for quality and safety.