Made in Italy
since 1977


From the beginning back in the mid Sixties through the innovations made since 1987, Huber has established its leadership in the design and production of thermostatic mixers for shower and bathroom.



In 1968 Thetamix was launched, one of the earliest thermostatic mixers for shower, the brainchild of eclectic, self-taught designer Oreste Fantini.


The beginnings as a handcrafting workshop

The company is born, the only one in Italy entirely dedicated to the manufacturing of thermostatic brassware.


Max Huber

In 1987 Max Huber, a Swiss engineer running industrial enterprises, foresaw a brilliant future for thermostatics – at that time thought to be a purely “technical product” – by feeling and leveraging their huge potential for the enhancement of bathroom experience. Along with his wife Carmen and his sons Maurizio and Alberto, he gave the then small artisan business an energetic and market-oriented boost.



The forefather of all Huber new-generation thermostatics, Hidromix, is presented at the first ISH fair in Frankfurt.



A third-generation thermostatic cartridge achieving the highest quality certifications, in 1997 the Plus cartridge becomes the new, innovative technical heart of Huber mixers.



In 2004 the first Huber thermostatic cartridge in superior plastic materials is introduced: Argo, a compact-sized component that opens the way to new design possibilities.


Chronos: the unique thermostatic

The extreme mechanical precision and highly sophisticated details of Swiss clockmaking are the inspiration for the most innovative of thermostatic mixers: Chronos.


Harlock: the customizable mixer

Harlock's original and innovative spirit gives your bathroom a truly personal touch.

Harlock is composed of different smart elements: the minimalistic yet assertive silhouette, the modern design of the lever, and highly defined details. Configuration and finish are customizable!


OneBox – the universal wall-embedded fitting box

Designed and developed with painstaking care by Michele Ramundo and Christian Menolotto, OneBox is the universal wall-embedded fitting box, versatile and practical, suitable for any design and installation requirement.



The latest development in Huber's constant innovation for the safe and effective management of water in every environment, HTS completes the thermostatic range with its sequential technology.


What's next?

Developing the new generation of smart products, helping people and respecting the planet through the sensible and sustainable use of water.