Huber cartridges: reliable, for decades

Since its very early origins, some 50 years ago, Huber has conceived, designed, developed and manufactured its own thermostatic cartridges. Just like top class automobile manufacturers and the major watchmakers, Huber develops and produces a range of cartridges that are made exclusively for its own product lines. This rare industrial feature translates into key benefits for distributors and end users: full commitment, independent product control, the best performance and uncompromised reliability.


More than 50 years' experience in the brassware sector

Leading Italian manufacturer of thermostatic brassware

More than 200 employees including engineers, designers and skilled operators

More than 35,000 SQM factory area, including production plants and warehouses

Dozens of tests for quality control


Manufacturing the mixer

The mixer is the familiar device that enables us to safely access and control water, the essential element for our comfort and body care. That is the reason for Huber's constant commitment to mixers that ensure the highest reliability and precision, for optimal and long-lasting performance.


The manufacturing of a Huber mixer starts with raw materials of the highest quality. Every single batch is guaranteed by a certificate of analysis and compliance.


The brass rods are machined on fully automated CNC lathes, operating 24/7 with the utmost precision.


Mechanical machining on the mixers' bodies are performed by specialized transfer devices. The complete set of machining stages is carried out in a single cycle of simultaneous operations. All bodies are then 100% tested, one by one.


Once polished, the pieces are ready for the chrome-plating phase, which gives our mixers their high-thickness superficial protective coating and their shine.


Huber thermostatic cartridges are entirely assembled in-house, and then tried, tested and temperature-calibrated one by one.


The assembly and single testing of all thermostatic mixers are carried out on integrated automatic lines, which guarantee precision and reliability by checking the performance of every single piece.


Dozen of quality tests are performed every day on finished mixers, in order to guarantee that Huber's strict requirements are always met.


… and they are finally ready to let you enjoy the comfort of your shower in complete safety.

The quality of our mixers is 100% guaranteed by the daily commitment of dozens of women and men, and by the constant checks at every stage of production.