HTS: Huber Thermo Sequential


Why choose a Huber thermo sequential

Temperature setting

Thermostatic progressive adjustment of the temperature for comfort, safety and water and energy saving.

Flow adjustment

Ergonomic lever movement and optimal water flow.


Ergonomy and Comfort

Easy to use, thanks to the simple lever rotation and the simultaneous adjustment of water temperature and flow.

An ergonomic, properly proportioned lever can be easily used even by people with impaired mobility.

A wide 110° rotation angle of the lever allows to quickly set the desired temperature, which is then kept constant by the thermostatic technology.

The partial rotation of the lever draws cold water only; hot water is not supplied unnecessarily, leading to substantial energy savings.

By further rotating the lever, the water temperature is gradually raised.


Maximum temperature setting

The maximum dispensing temperature is preset in the factory in accordance with the regulations, but can be easily adjusted on site by the installer according to specific needs.


Thermal shock

The HTS thermostatic cartridge allows you to easily and quickly perform the antibacterial treatment at high temperatures. Once the antibacterial treatment is completed, it is just as easy to return to normal thermostatic operation.


Patented system

The HTS sequential thermostatic cartridge is equipped with an innovative patented system for integrated and simultaneous operation of temperature and water flow regulation.



Suitable for systems made by mistake or intentionally with reversed hot and cold water supplies, simply by using the special HTS-INVERT cartridge.



Thanks to its size, the HTS sequential thermostatic cartridge is interchangeable with standard single-lever cartridges with a diameter of 40 mm. By simply replacing the cartridge and lever, the normal tap is transformed into a sophisticated thermostatic mixer.


Thermostatic element

True technological heart of the cartridge, the high-performance thermostatic element guarantees an immediate reaction to changes in water temperature and pressure, during its entire use.


Ceramic discs

The water closure system by means of ceramic discs made of the highest quality materials guarantees maximum reliability in terms of sealing and durability. This system makes the installation of non-return valves unnecessary.


Application Fields


Public Health


Public Institutions


Ship Furnisning

Sport Venues

Public Locations

Why HTS Sequential...

Thermostatic temperature adjustment

Limited maximun temperature

Anti-scalding temperature and hot water blocking

Energy saving for hot water

Water saving and elimination of wastage

Ease of use

Thanks to the simple rotation movement of the lever and the simultaneous adjustment of temperature and water flow.


Huber turns his attention to the best combination of technology and ease of use. A simple movement of the ergonomic lever allows simultaneous adjustment of temperature and water flow. All this to offer maximum comfort even to people with reduced mobility.


At Huber, our main goal is to democratize the use of thermostatic taps, so that any person can install a thermostat in their bathroom. In addition to being designed for easy installation, they are designed so that they can work even in unfavorable conditions of use such as low pressure, irregular temperatures or hard water. In each of these situations, Huber thermostatic technology adapts to ensure optimal operation.

Energy Saving

Huber thermostatic technology manages and controls hot and cold water in an optimized way, without wasting the energy needed to heat the water. The immediate selection of the desired temperature avoids wasting energy at the beginning of the shower and during the entire use.

Water Saving

Huber thermostatic technology will be your personal water manager, managing and controlling hot and cold water in an optimized way. The immediate selection of the desired temperature avoids wasting water at the beginning of the shower and during the entire use. Ideal for a sustainable home and a lifestyle that is attentive to the use of the planet's resources.


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