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Huber HTS

The sequential interpretation of thermostatic technology.

Ergonomics and comfort

Easy to use, thanks to the simple lever rotation and the simultaneous adjustment of water temperature and flow.

An ergonomic, properly proportioned lever can be easily used even by people with impaired mobility.

A wide 110° rotation angle of the lever allows to quickly set the desired temperature, which is then kept constant by the thermostatic technology.

The partial rotation of the lever draws cold water only; hot water is not supplied unnecessarily, leading to substantial energy savings.

By further rotating the lever, the water temperature is gradually raised.

The maximum water temperature is pre-set in the factory according to the regulations, but can be easily adjusted by the local installer according to the specific requirements.

The HTS thermostatic cartridge allows to carry out simply and quickly the high-temperature antibacterial treatment. Once the treatment has been completed, normal thermostatic operation can be restored just as easily.

The device can be used in installations where the hot and cold water supplies are inverted, either accidentally or intentionally, by using the specific special cartridge HTS-INVERT.

Its size allows the HTS sequential cartridge to be replaced with standard 40-mm single-lever cartridges. By simply replacing the cartridge and the lever, a normal tap is transformed into a high-tech thermostatic mixer.

The true technological heart of the cartridge, the high-performance thermostatic element guarantees immediate reaction to variations in water temperature and pressure, throughout its operation.

The ceramic discs of the water sealing system, manufactured with materials of the highest quality, guarantees maximum reliability in water tightness and operational life. Such system makes the installation of non-return valves redundant.

Characteristics and main advantages of Huber HTS

Outstanding thermostatic adjustment and reliable anti-scalding performance.

Single-handed ergonomic sequential operation.

Safe, energy-saving cold water opening.

Broad temperature range, for safe and precise adjustment.

Factory-set or locally adjusted maximum temperature, to meet specific requirements.

Reliable safety for the end user, with double anti-scalding function.

Constant and controlled flow, for maximum comfort and water saving.

Suitable for antibacterial thermal shock treatment.

Reversible cartridge for inverted supply lines.

Competitive price.

Why Huber HTS...

Thermostatic temperature adjustment

Limited maximun temperature

Anti-scalding temperature and hot water blocking

Energy saving for hot water

Water saving and elimination of wastage


Application Sectors

Any location where the customer or the user has access to water, offering guaranteed comfort and safety while saving water and energy.



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