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Shower Kits Huber

Huber Shower Kits combine two shower options: the overhead soaker, for rain showering, and the hand shower on a flexible hose. Our thermostatic shower kit guarantees total comfort and safety for a thoroughly relaxing shower, with the added benefit of water and energy saving. You just need to set the desired temperature, and enjoy your shower at the perfect degree of warmth. If you wish to readjust it, a simple touch on the mixing knob will bring the water to the new desired temperature. A wide range of models for every requirement, from telescopic risers with adjustable showerhead height to kits for the renovation of pre-existing showers, both with concealed and exposed valve. A simple diverter allows to switch from the overhead soaker to the hand-held shower on the flexible hose, adapting the whole system to your preferences at any moment, easily and quickly. Huber thermostatic shower kits are provided with the EasyClean anti-scale system, and are cleaned effortlessly with a light wiping. The smooth flexible hoses SilverFlex guarantee total hygiene and cleanliness, in addition to the pleasant feel of their SoftTouch finish. Height-adjustable shower kits allow to set the position of the overhead shower, both in the case of a first installation or when a previously installed shower arm or slide bar is replaced, and offer the comfort of both shower functions combined. Are you in search of the best shower kits? Our wide range certainly includes the one for you. You can't go wrong.